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A good movie is made of beautiful images.
A better movie tells a story.
But the best movies search for the other… 






Corpus Mama

18 years, 4 months, 6 days and 3 hours (a total of 17797 hours) Marcel took care of his mother. It cost him his job, his relationship with his girlfriend, the dream to get married and te become a father one day. Now, his task is fullfilled.

Directing, camera, editing

(13-05-2014, 59 min), 2Doc

I spy I spy

Tamar’s head is full of ideas and fantasies about how the world should sit together, but according to her “nobody understands that.” The clouds are the beard of God and she is the louse who lives in it, she says. Sometimes they itch God a little. Then he must scratch.

Directing, camera, editing

(2014, 13 min), NPO 3, NPO 3

The Land of Milk and Misgano

The Ethiopian Jew Misgano is a simple farm boy who fled the poverty of his homeland to return with his family to the land that God promised to his forefathers Abraham, Isaac and Jacob: the rich, modern, but utterly strange Israel.

Directing, camera, editing

(2012, 50 min), 2Doc


All his friends can swim but Hugo can’t. Once he’s in the water he forgets what is ‘above’ and ‘below’. But Hugo has a trick not to drown.

Directing, camera, editing

(2012, 8 min), NPO3, Zapp, Echt Gebeurd

The Four Walls of Dina

Dina el Gohary is 16 years old and lives in Cairo in an apartment where she can not get out of. She hides from radical Muslims who want to murder her and her father since they converted to Christianity. Dina’s life is walled in by fear and boredom. In this oppressive world she tries to have a normal life and to keep her dream of ever becoming a fashion designer alive.

Directing, camera, editing

(10 feb 2011, 53 min), 2Doc

One Day

Jos is thirty-four years old and mentally handicapped. For him, it is very common that his mother takes care of him every day. But one day the usual routine is broken.


( 27 sep 2010, 45 min), NPO3, NTR: One Night Stand

My little sister

Maria Teresa is twelve and the brightest in the class. Her sister Elisabetha is nine years old and not smarter than a baby. Her mother says that if Elisabetha was not mentally retarded they would be very much alike. Maria Teresa wishes that was true.

Directing, camera, editing

(2013, 11 min), NPO3, Zapp, Echt Gebeurd

My big brother

Fernando used to play with his big brother Dominique a lot, but lately not. Now his brother is only busy with motorcycling and chatting with his girlfriend.

Directing, camera, editing

(2013, 11 min), NPO3, Zapp, Echt Gebeurd